Health Coaching

To get right to the point, I am now offering my services as a Health Coach to help you in your healing journey with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis!

How I got here

rkimball02_2012_smI was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1997. I am close to being a 16 year veteran with an inflammatory bowel disease. I suffered for seven years with daily pain and diarrhea, until I found an alternative treatment plan called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

In 2010, I decided to make a documentary (now in editing phase) to share my story, and the stories of others. As I learned about other treatments, I began experimenting with many of them in an effort to cure my Crohn’s disease.

Today, I am not cured, but my health is fantastic. I am healthier now than I was before my healing journey. I excel at sports (ice hockey), I enjoy my work, I have a loving partner, and I no longer live in fear of Crohn’s disease. Simply put, I love life. Crohn’s has been a gift by forcing me to improve my health, and consequently, my life.

How many people do you know with inflammatory bowel disease who can say that?

I am excited to help you overcome your IBD as well, by offering my experience and the knowledge I have gained as a patient and documentarian. I can do this as your personal Health Coach.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach cannot prescribe medications or other prescription only treatments. Also, they can’t diagnose you, but some do have access to tests that can inform how to treat your condition.

The primary role of a Health Coach is to facilitate the changes you need to make to transform your lifestyle into a healthstyle. Like a personal life coach or an athletic coach, a health coach empowers you to do the hard work of transforming yourself into a better you. Instead of being better at life, or a sport, you become better health-wise. They share their experience, knowledge, and support to help you achieve your health goals.

Usually they get an overview of your current state of health and then work with you to develop health goals, design a treatment plan, and implement the plan, as well as provide additional support when needed.

Doctors tend to say, “Do this.” A Health Coach says, “I will help you figure out how to do this, and give you the tools to one day become an empowered patient.” An empowered patient is someone who is able to do their own research, and confidently make their own health decisions.

How can I help you as a Health Coach?

  • Help you understand the basics of IBD
  • Teach you the 5-R framework for treating IBD
  • Share knowledge of existing treatments
  • Share nuggets of wisdom in how to treat IBD

Inflammatory bowel diseases are extremely complex conditions involving genetics, your environment (external and internal), and your immune system to name a few factors. When you work with me, you’ll understand better what inflammatory bowel diseases are, and how they can be better managed.

IBD can be controlled with the 5-R Framework, which I will explain in detail when working with you. You will feel empowered as you learn how to choose the treatments you need because you know they fit into one of the components of the framework, serving a specific need.

Because of my many years of experience, and work on my documentary film, I have talked with many patients. I have also experimented on myself with a wide variety of treatments. I will be happy to share my knowledge with you so that you don’t spend years struggling through trial and error.

There’s a certain intangible factor I can provide with my nuggets of wisdom, and mental view of things to help increase your chances of success. I will help you to become smarter in your treatment approaches, and more resilient when times are tough.

My philosophy

Lactobacillus AcidophilusStay Colonized. That’s it. It’s that simple. Our guts are home to 100 trillion bacteria, a 100 times more viruses, and yeasts (quantity unknown). The 100 trillion bacteria alone out number our human cells by 10 to 1. The human genome is roughly 23,000 genes. The genome of the bacterial microbiome is 3.3 million genes.

Clearly, the microbes in our gut are critically important to our health, helping to digest our food, produce vitamins, and regulate our inflammatory immune responses. It’s very common for people to develop IBD after they use antibiotics.

In today’s world, with our industrialized food systems that need to be ultra-sanitized, pumped with antibiotics, drenched in pesticides, grotesquely genetically-modified, and loaded with carbs and sugar, our gut microbiomes are being destroyed. That’s just from the food we eat.

Research says that stress, pollution, and drugs also negatively impact our gut ecology. After the onslaught of our modern industrial age, the gut microbiome is no longer able to help use digest food, provide vitamins, and regulate our immune systems.

We need to stay colonized. We need to fight for our guts. If we allow it to be destroyed, we will not have any guts left to fight for the things we care about in this world.

OK, enough with the drama, let’s talk business.


IBDs are complex, my fees are not. For $15 an hour you pay for the time we talk via email, online, phone, and smoke signals – just kidding. For email, I track how long I spend on an email when writing it, not reading yours. But please don’t send me emails more than a page long.

There is a sign-up fee of $20 before I can start working with you. Checks can be made to Sparkplug Creations or you can pay through PayPal. At the end of each month, I will email you an invoice for the number of hours we’ve worked together. If you prefer, we can cap the number of hours we work together, or I can give you weekly balances.


If you are interested, send an email to I will be taking a limited number of clients to start out with to be sure I can give you the best coaching possible. I will respond with whether I am able to take you as a client or not and with instructions on how to pay the sign-up fee.

Any questions, just ask.

Stay colonized,

-Reid B. Kimball