The System is Failing Us

In this 15 minute TED talk, a surgeon recounts how his arrogance led him to hold contempt for a patient who had Type 2 diabetes and needed their foot amputated. Towards the end, he becomes emotional as he explains how it was not the patient’s fault, but instead the system let the patient down, perhaps with incorrect nutritional information.

Much of what he says also applies to IBD and its patients. Doctors don’t really know exactly what IBD is, and various theories exist. Patients sometimes are blamed for being tough cases. But IBD patients are not to be blamed, instead the system is to be blamed.

Parched earth

The system I refer to is our western culture and economy that creates endless amounts of stress, nutrient deficient food, reckless use of antibiotics, pollution, and violent medical interventions that cut, poison, and burn us.

You are not to be blamed. The conventional system has failed us. This is why empowered patients say no to conventional medical treatments, and turn to an alternative system of care. The science is cutting edge, the treatments are safer, cheaper, and more effective.