Eating Whatever You Want

Whenever someone with IBD says they wish to heal themselves so they can eat whatever they want, I get disappointed because if they understood what most of the Western world eats, it is not in fact healthy, real food.

image of pink slime chicken
Pink slime chicken

Knowing this, they wouldn’t want to get to a state of eating whatever they want. It’s like we live in a bizarre universe where people think drinking bleach is normal, but they get sick and spend the rest of their lives trying to get well so they can drink whatever they want, including bleach.

image of bottle of bleach
Bleach, yummy!

Diets like SCD, GAPS, Paleo, and others, don’t exist so that we can go back to eating the way that made us sick in the first place.

They exist to heal damage, and recalibrate our expectations for what healthy eating looks like. If people aren’t willing to change their life into a healthstyle, then they shouldn’t bother, because it is truly a total mind and body transformation, and sometimes they aren’t ready for that.

image of people cliff diving
Jumping off to new beginnings