IBD Newsweek Oct 28, 2013

Hello, here’s the third episode of The WANTED: Crohn’s End IBD Newsweek. It is a weekly video recapping interesting news and happenings within the inflammatory bowel disease world.

Links to the News:

Previous IBD Newsweek episodes – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc2Rdaz-T9uPKLTLuyZgAf95CYVdB9eep

AbbVie petition – http://wp.rxisk.org/sign-the-rxisk-drug-safety-petition/

Kenneth Spriggs’ research – http://diyehr.com/analysis-of-crohnologys-fecal-microbiota-transplantation-users-an-open-source-peer-to-peer-observational-treatment-study/

Luke Escombe’s IBD Music Videos:
Peppermint Tea – http://youtu.be/ziOGnmBLzS4
Master Key – http://youtu.be/sDBjI_Rqqm4

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Hi, I’m your host Reid Bryant Kimball, welcome to this week’s episode of the WANTED: Crohn’s End IBD Newsweek.

In the next few minutes you will hear about interesting news and happenings in the inflammatory bowel disease world.

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On with the news! RxISK.org has an important petition that needs more signatures.

AbbVie is a recently spun off pharmaceutical company from Abbott Laboratories and now provides Humira to IBD patients. Humira has projected sales of $10 billion in 2013.

AbbVie has sued and is blocking the European Medicines Agency (EMA) from releasing clinical trial data on their drug Humira.

The petition reads, “Their action has led to the shutdown of the entire public-access program, leaving millions of patients worldwide, and their doctors, in the dark.”

Way to go AbbVie, you’re really rocking at this whole scientific method thing. You know, collecting data and NOT releasing ALL of it.

Viewers, please sign the petition by clicking the link.

Kenneth Sprigs is a former quantitative analyst with a physics degree and was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2001.

He analyzed data from the Crohnology patient driven social network regarding patients who used human microbiota transplants for their IBD.

In this own words it’s, “open source peer-to-peer observational treatment research”, and it’s pretty cool!

I love how his article provides a history of Microbiota Transplants being used, all the way back to ancient China in the 4th century. Today, we see that Microbiota transplants are new, but this has all happened before. So say we all.

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to a musician, Luke Escombe who has a few songs related to his stuggles with inflammatory bowel disease. One is called Peppermint Tea and the other is Master Key. He’s a very funny musician, so take a listen.

That’s the end of this week’s episode of the WANTED: Crohn’s End IBD Newsweek.

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Tune in next week, for another episode of interesting news and happenings in the Inflammatory Bowel Disease world.

I’m your host Reid Bryant Kimball, and remember my friends, stay colonized.

Stay colonized,

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