Not Even Crohn’s Can Stop Me

Today you can watch me play ice hockey online through the magic that is internet video streaming! :] But first, I want to talk about my childhood.

I grew up playing ice hockey and had dreams like any kid to play in the NHL (professional ice hockey league). I would imagine playing in an important hockey game and speak the part of the announcer.

“OH! What hit by Kimball! He knocked him into next week!” Or, “Kimball gets the pass, he winds up at the blue line, and SCORES! What a rocket into the back of the net by Reid Kimball!” *crowd roars*

Crohn’s made that dream of reaching the NHL very difficult to pursue and I never got to have my greatest plays announced by a sportcaster.

Over the years, I’ve transformed from a hockey puckhead into a health nut, but mostly out of survival, out of wanting a better future for myself and my future family. I didn’t want to be in and out of hospitals, sick, and in debt my whole life. I changed my life into a healthstyle, ate better, exercised, tried to manage stress better, and it’s all paid off, big time.

Last winter, I started playing ice hockey and it’s been an amazingly good time getting back in touch with a childhood dream I gave up on. When I play each weekend, it’s a great reminder of how far I’ve come in my healing journey, and that with persistance, resourcefulness, and motivation, nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.

Today, you can watch me play ice hockey at 3:30p PST / 6:30 EST. Click on the image to start the video feed. I wear #10 in a white jersey. A local hockey organization is streaming all hockey games of our adult hockey league today as a cool Christmas gift. There will be a sports announcer, and maybe you’ll hear him announce my name as I make great plays! Finally, my childhood dream come true! Haha!

If you decide to watch the game, and you struggle with IBD, think about ways that you can reconnect with a passion of yours that you gave up because of IBD. I think it will really help you feel better about yourself, even if you have to do it in a slightly different way than before.