Four Customized 5-R Frameworks

I thought it would be helpful for people to see how highly customizable the 5-R Framework is for patients with IBD. You probably already do a lot of these.

Below you will find three different hypothetical patients who have customized the 5-R Framework for their needs. The fourth one includes what I have done in the past and presently today.

kefir in hand

Patient A (stress is a major factor in their IBD)

  • Remove – stress, toxic people
  • Replace – diet w/anti-inflammatory foods and adaptogen supplements like reishi
  • Repair – bone broth soups, glutamine
  • Reinnoculate – eating lots of vegetables, sauerkraut
  • Reconnect – yoga, meditation, passion hobby

Patient B (microbiome is damaged due to antibiotics)

  • Remove – grains, refined sugar, starches
  • Replace – high quality fats, vitamin d
  • Repair – more sleep, colloidal silver, ginger
  • Reinnoculate – microbiota transplant, kefir
  • Reconnect – exercise, team sports

Patient C (endorphins are lacking)

  • Remove – quit stressful job, toxic cleansers in home
  • Replace – organic vegetables, wild raised/pastured/grass-fed meat
  • Repair – LDN, cannabis, turmeric
  • Reinnoculate – commercial probiotics, helminthic therapy
  • Reconnect – socializing, stand up comedy

Patient D (Reid Kimball – most of what I’ve done past and present to rebuild my microbiome and remove stress)

  • Remove – stressful job, toxic cleansers, stressful thinking about my life, toxic people
  • Replace – organic vegetables, wild raised/pastured/grass-fed meat, healthy fats, vitamin d, reishi tincture
  • Repair – glutamine, colloidal silver, LDN, cannabis, bone broth soups, sleep more, LDN, THC oil
  • Reinnoculate – fermented foods (yogurt, kefir, kombucha, natto), probiotics (natren, renew life)
  • Reconnect – exercise, hockey, socialize with friends

Let me know in the comments what your 5-R Framework looks like or if this was helpful for you. If not, what else would be helpful?

If you haven’t yet, do read the 5-R Framework info here.

Stay colonized,

-Reid Kimball