logo graphic for The Crohn's Moans documentary by Ivana Bosek

Consider Supporting The Crohn’s Moans

One of the reasons I am making WANTED: Crohn’s End is because I believe that visual stories are a powerful way to connect with and learn from others.

I’ve gotten to know Ivana a little bit over the last several months, and am really excited about her documentary, The Crohn’s Moans. I decided to back her project, and encourage you to consider backing it. Even $5 helps.

At the very least, her movie should go a long way towards increasing awareness for inflammatory bowel diseases, but I’m sure it will do much more, such as offering comfort and answers to those struggling with their own healing journeys.

Please also consider sharing the link to her campaign with your friends and family. http://kck.st/1I6CjdL You can watch her amazing pitch video below.

In case you are wondering what this means for WANTED: Crohn’s End, the two projects are completely separate and I am currently editing WANTED: Crohn’s End for release in Fall 2015.