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Thanks to Empowered Patients

In 2010, I had this crazy dream to make a feature length documentary about empowered patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. At the time the odds were not in my favor because I had made only one video in a college multimedia class.

I knew it would take a while to make, but not six years. However, today I get to share with you my baby, my labor of love, WANTED: Crohn’s End.

For those that don’t know, it’s a documentary about empowered patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. When nothing works, they struggle to use controversial alternative treatments.

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I made this movie because I believe we deserve to know about alternative treatments. We need to be empowered and decide for ourselves whether to use them or not. Often doctors don’t tell us about how important lifestyle changes can be. Some even say diet doesn’t matter.

It’s up to us to experiment and share our knowledge with others in order to regain control of our health.

At this point, I still have a lot of work to do. I need to caption the movie for the hard of hearing, produce and distribute bonus content, and market it via social media. If anyone wants to help spread awareness for the movie, I welcome the help.

I want to thank everyone who helped fund development over the years. The Kickstarters, the Indiegogoers, the PayPalers, the Fractured Atlas contributors, and the occasional personal check writers.

I also have to give a big thanks to the experts, doctors, and empowered patients who lent their time in talking with me, sharing their stories, and expertise. My health today is much better because of the many empowered patients I talked to, and learned from. Your generosity and compassion is what this world needs more of. I truly believe we’re all in this together.

There’s a certain bond of kinship that I feel whenever I talk with empowered patients. I am in awe of your strength, ingenuity, courage, and perseverance to never quit, never give up in the face of nearly insurmountable odds.

Doctors who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those who are already doing it.

Look at you, you’re doing it! Here’s to you empowered patients, nobody’s going to interrupt you blazing trails, and discovering how to overcome your Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

It’s amazing that my dream finally is coming to fruition. There’s a saying, “Start your dreams today, because they take a while.” If nothing else, I hope this inspires you to start your dreams today.