After working as a professional Video Game designer for seven years, Reid Bryant Kimball was inspired by Daniel Durrant‘s Crohn’s End social network to create his first ever documentary, titled, “WANTED: Crohn’s End”.

At 16 years of age, Reid began having chronic diarrhea and lost a lot of weight. On February 13th, 1997, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. For years he used Pentasa, even though it didn’t really work.

He almost went to the hospital in late 2004 after the antibiotic Flagyl caused the most severe gut pain he had ever felt. A week later, he was home for Christmas and with his mother’s help adopted the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Twenty-four hours later he had his first solid stool in eight years.

When the diet promoted healing and the eventual formation of strictures that created partial bowel obstructions, Reid avoided surgery to remove the strictured sections of his small bowel. Instead used alternative supplements to heal his gut.

The conventional healthcare system is wonderful at saving lives in emergency situations, but today it is over-used. It is doing a disservice to Crohn’s and Colitis patients by saying diet doesn’t matter, pushing drugs that can cause cancer and advocating for surgeries that cause a vicious cycle of more hospitalizations.

Through his own experiences with alternatives, Reid knows they can work just as well, if not better than conventional medicines and is determined to help others regain control of their lives.

Reid understands the power of multimedia art forms to be a catalyst for change and uses them to create experiences that empower people to improve themselves and the world around them.

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