Production assistant

Daniel Durrant

Daniel’s story with Crohn’s disease began not long after he moved back to his hometown in Eugene, Oregon.  He and his wife Joanna had returned after living in San Diego for six years so that he could go back to school.   Daniel was seeking bigger challenges than his previous jobs as a telemarketer, a gamemaster, and an auto-claims handler.

Not soon after beginning his studies of journalism and international affairs at the University of Oregon in 2007 he began to lose a lot of weight, as well as experience reoccurring gut pain and diarrhea.  He later learned from a gastroenterologist that it was Crohn’s disease.   As the pain increased he knew it was serious: doctors encouraged him to take corticosteroids, mesalamine, immunosuppressants, and tumor necroisis factor (TNF) inhibitors.  These medications were helpful at times, but the side-effects had become agitating.  His condition got worse.

While working on a community media concept with a friend, he began to experience a jabbing pain in his gut. He rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery due to a ruptured intestine.  While recovering from his hospital bed he decided to share his experience online on a Ning network he created called “Crohn’s End”.

After his recovery he found himself drawn back into school, unable to upkeep the fledgling community afloat. While in school he turned his attention to an international internship with Open Intelligence UK where he began to investigate the power social media has to help people connect, create, and thrive during difficult times.

Now that Daniel has met Reid, he is determined to use all of his newfound knowledge to enable this ongoing production at “WANTED: Crohn’s End” to challenge the mainstream conventions surrounding digestive diseases like Crohn’s and Colitis, while also bringing people together in greater health.