IBD Icons Contest Finalists

IBD Icons, sponsored by Janssen Biotech, makers of Remicade is a contest looking for more Casey Abrams, people who have overcome their IBD. The contest consisted of writing answers to three questions. The finalists are now being voted on by the public.

Here's my story that I submited:
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Low Residue SCD/GAPS

As great as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet are, they are not perfect and ideal for everyone.

Many patients with digestive conditions and other health issues need to tweak these healing protocols to remove additional food or include other healing tools.
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Michael Pollan on Food System Reform

Michael Pollan has an optimistic piece [1] saying it is inevitable our food system will be reformed to favor real food and not disease causing foods, thanks to the rising cost of healthcare associated with eating highly processed sugars, carbs, starches, additives and so on.
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Endorphins from Laughter and LDN

Here's an interesting study about laughter releasing endorphins and increasing people's pain tolerance.

I wish they studied what affect the laughter-induced endorphin release had on the immune system rather than on the pain threshold. Low-dose naltrexone is used to boost the immune system by tricking the body to produce more endorphins. It has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation in Crohn's patients.

I've always thought that laughter was like a massage for the intestines and interestingly, the article ends by saying that massage releases endorphins. This could be an interesting approach to IBDs, to use laughter, massage and LDN to increase production of endorphins to reduce inflammation in the intestines.

IBD Talk 09.12.2011

Well, that's not what the science says. People can be genetically predisposed to IBD, but there are countless cases of identical twins, who have the same exact genes and only one has IBD.

Additionally, in rat/mouse models of IBD, they bred the animals to have the genes that relate to IBD and when they were sterilized without any gut bacteria, they never got IBD. Clearly something else is going on.

IBD is complex and requires an interaction between host genetics, our microbiota (bacteria, yeast, viruses, etc), intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) and environmental triggers (toxins, food, stress).

When you understand all the components, you can take action to remove the environmental triggers (usually food), heal the leaky gut and restore the microbiota. Many find amazing results with this multifaceted approach.

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Call for Action #1 – FDAs NDI Guidelines

Please act!

I'm sorry this is so late, but if you have the time today, before the end of the business day please call your US government representatives to tell them your thoughts about the FDA's NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) guidelines.

Details on who to call and what to say.

The updated NDI guidelines have the potential to negatively affect our access to supplements here in the United States. This includes vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics and it's already starting to happen.

Spoke with a Mutaflor rep 10 min ago and said 5 to 6 months ago the FDA required they pull it from the market and that it needs to be tested to the same standards as a pharmaceutical drug. Financially that is not feasible and so it won't be done. He also said two other probiotics were pulled from the market.

Medical Futures, who sells Mutaflor has another probiotic product for vaginal infections that the FDA won't allow onto the market. Women are resorting to rubbing yogurt onto their vaginas to get the beneficial Lactobacillus bacteria.

I have not used Mutaflor, I don't have any financial or other ties to them, but I do know this, that food, supplements, especially probiotics have been the only things that have worked for me in my 14+ year history with Crohn's disease. This isn't about Mutaflor, but access to all supplements, food and probiotics.

We need to let our representatives in the US Congress know that we cannot have our access to supplements restricted, especially when pharmaceutical treatments for our devastating digestive conditions are massively expensive and potentially dangerous.

NOTE, even if you aren't able to call today, please call when you can. This isn't a deadline, but an organized day of action.

Experiment Results with Breads

WARNING: Too Much Information (TMI) Zone Ahead!

Before I begin, I should make clear that since 2004, after starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I have avoided eating bread like the plague.

After my experiment with the white rice, which confirmed I cannot digest it very well, I decided to try eating various breads.

I fully expected to have diarrhea soon after eating white bread. But for about two weeks from August, 19th to September 2nd, I ate highly processed breads, full of terrible ingredients I can’t even pronounce, organic white bread with minimal ingredients and organic, minimal ingredient whole wheat sourdough bread.
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