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You’ve suffered long enough with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Now’s the time to become a pooperstar by taking control of your health.

The WANTED: Crohn’s End Best of the Blog eBook is a downloadable eBook about using alternative treatments for your Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. It is not based on buying supplements or miracle cure snake oil products, but on creating your unique, personal healthstyle that will empower you to take control of your health.

Daily Healthstyle Video Excerpt

What you get

  • WANTED: Crohn’s End Best of the Blog eBook – The 64-page downloadable PDF eBook
  • The most popular blog posts from all updated and expanded on to include the most up to date scientific information and the personal experiences of its author Reid Bryant Kimball.
  • Two hour .mp3 Audiobook version of the eBook.
  • The WANTED: Crohn’s End documentary (70min) in digital format for instant streaming and download.
  • Bonus video showing Reid’s daily healthstyle regimen. See when and how much he takes for supplements, the meals he cooks, how he sleeps, and manages stress.

Best of the Blog eBook Excerpt
Download and read an excerpt of the eBook

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  • Learn what Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are, and the alternative theory of causation; The Biome Depletion Theory
  • Learn about Low-dose Naltrexone, Helminthic Therapy, Human Microbiota Transplants, and other alternatives.
  • Use a healing framework to create your own individual treatment plan
  • Become an empowered patient who is in control of your own healthcare

About Author


My name is Reid Bryant Kimball. was created to share the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that I found while searching across North America for answers on how to cure my Crohn’s Disease. I met with and interviewed many patients to hear their stories of healing. I often tried what they said worked for them and found many patients were using an entirely different strategy than is prescribed by conventional doctors.

Using the information I have learned over the years of filming the documentary, I have remained medication free since 2007 and have not been hospitalized once since my initial diagnosis in 1997.

I no longer fear my future with Crohn’s disease and this book, the .mp3 files, bonus healthstyle regimen video, and forthcoming documentary will help do the same for you. If after three months you disagree, you can get a no-hassle refund.

I hate SPAM as much as you. E-mail (optional) is for customer service purposes.