This site keeps its references apart from each section, which makes it a bit confusing. I’d like to know the dates of the research it is siting without having to go hunting. Oh well, probably not the best source.

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The amino acid glutamine is the preferred
fuel for small intestinal enterocytes and can decrease
intestinal permeability, a potential benefit
for Crohns Disease patients.
Despite theoretical indications for
glutamine supplementation in Crohn’s Disease, several small
intervention trials have not yielded benefit. In a
double-blind study to determine if glutamine decreases
gut permeability in Crohn’s disease, 14
Crohn’s Disease patients were randomly assigned to receive 7
g glutamine or placebo (glycine) three times daily
along with their conventional treatment. There
were no significant changes in permeability during
the four-week trial in either the glutamine or
placebo groups. In addition, no significant changes
were seen in CDAI, CRP, or plasma glutamine/
glutamate levels.248