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Imagine not being able to eat a meal ever. That’s life for people with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic condition that attacks the body’s digestive tract. Now, some folks are turning away from traditional medicine to keep the disease in check. It’s a drug-free solution that’s not easy.

“I’ve been practicing for four years,” Steve Smarduch said.

She found a treatment used across Europe called eternal nutrition. This milk-shake is kind of like a nutritional energy drink, and it put Steve’s disease in remission.
“It’s safer than most other modes of treatment we have available,” Pediatric gastroenterolist Dr. Randolph McConnie from Rush University Medical Center said.
Steroids work, but they can boost the chances of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and infections. A European study found this liquid diet is just as effective as steroids, and has no side effects. But it can cost more than $200 a week, and sticking with it is no treat.

“There’s an issue of taste, there’s an issue of how the patient tolerates the formula,” Dr. McConnie said.

“It’s working out for me pretty good. I drink it I get the calories and proteins and I’m all set,” Steve said.

Steve’s wants to add solid food soon. But he’ll stick to his routine as long it makes him feel better.

Enteral Nutrition is an alternative supplement for food and is the first choice for children in Canada and European countries suffering from Crohn’s. It has also been an official treatment for Crohn’s disease in the United States as well since 1960. The liquid is similar to nutritional energy drinks like Ensure or Boost. Like any other medicine,
Enteral Nutrition must be given for six to eight weeks in order to induce remission and to maintain remission. The treatment must be continued for years. It’s typically not covered by insurance and more research is needed because the mechanism by which Enteral Nutrition induces clinical remission in Crohn’s disease still remains unclear.Read more at