A friend of mine sent me this Dr.s website. He claims he can cure IBS, UC, Crohn’s, GERD, anything related to the GI tract. I’ve been devouring his blog to find his strategy and thought this post was interesting. I haven’t heard much about Colostrum, only vague references. I will research this further. It may explain why if I stop taking probiotics they diminish over time.

Colostrum is a critical part of my protocol for every GI problem that I treat. In fact it is part of Mother Nature’s protocol for preventing GI problems among other things.
It is an incredible example of nature’s wisdom and only when we mimic it are we able to re-establish the “conditions” of a healthy GI tract- made up of your esophagus -stomach- colon/intestines.
Colostrum comes from the mother’s breast when she is nursing her baby. What is also present in the milk is probiotics- the good bacteria that many of you have taken to try to fix your GI problem -that did not work.  The probiotics & Colostrum stick / adhere to the GI wall protecting it. Then one day you got sick  - took an antibiotic that killed the bad bacteria as well as the good that you got from mom. This does not grow back –  on it’s own.
We take a good probiotic AND COLOSTRUM. If we do not take the Colostrum with the probiotic it will not work. It will not stick to the GI tract wall and it will pass right through you and end up in the toilet leaving you saying- “I took probiotics & they didn’t work & my GI still “hurts”.
Here is the most important tip I can give you to “fix” this problem & is your ticket  out of the misery of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. ALWAYS TAKE COLOSTRUM WITH PROBIOTICS OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER WITH IBD. Colostrum is available in capsule or powder form at good health food stores and online.Read more at holisticgastroenterology.com