These are additional short videos made during production. Most of the video in these did not make it into the final release.

Give Me Life

This is a short teaser trailer from when I thought the movie was going to be about many more digestive conditions other than inflammatory bowel diseases. Later I decided to focus only on IBDs.

Empowered Patient Revolution

I was interviewing Tara Rosas when a few key words affected me deeply.

This is the story of patients helping patients to overcome devastating digestive conditions using effective alternatives when conventional treatments no longer work.

Website –
TED talk by Dave Debronkart about “e-patients” –

Save Green Angel Gardens from Foreclosure

Green Angel Gardens in Long Beach, WA is a rare gem in the world of farms. It’s more than just a simple farm. It’s an organic, sustainable living oasis that has the tools needed to help many like Geoff Curtis heal from diseases.

Unfortunately, the very same banks the American public bailed out to keep the economy going are now threatening to foreclose on Green Angel Gardens this April 15th, 2011.

After release of this video, people donated enough money to help save the farm from foreclosure!

I wrote a post about them here.

Take Control

WANTED: Crohn’s End (WCE) is a documentary about people with digestive conditions who use alternatives when nothing else works. They have listened to their gut and are taking a proactive approach to improving their condition.

WCE tells patient stories of adversity and triumph while using alternative medicine, such as Helminthic Therapy, diet, supplements like Colloidal Silver and THC Oil. Some are controversial with family and doctors, while others are clearly illegal, but should they be?

When the pharmaceutical industry spends twice as much on marketing and advertising than it does on research and development for cures, how can we the patients trust that they have our health in their best interests?

We can’t and that’s why we have to take control of our own health and ensure we are made aware of and are able to choose from all available treatments.

The healthcare debate has only just begun.